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Do I get to keep the backdrop after my event has concluded?

No. All fabric, all hardware and all non-disposable accessories, as determined by Designer Backdrops, are the property of Designer Backdrops by Events Chateau.

Do you set up the backdrop at the venue?

Yes, we deliver; set up the design and breakdown the backdrop design.

Do you custom design backdrops?

Yes, we do custom design backdrops. We also offer luxurious predesigned selections.

Can I change the colors on my pre designed selection?

Yes, but you may incur an additional cost.

How much are your backdrops?

We offer 3 levels of backdrops with our Luxury Line of predesigned selections starting at $795.00. Please review our Look Book for options.

What size are your backdrops?

Our pricing is for one pre designed panel backdrop with measurements up to 9 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Additional basic panels, available at an additional cost, may be necessary to complete your desired look.

Do I have to purchase accessories?

No, accessories are optional. All of our backdrops are gorgeous without added accessories. However, we provide accessories should you desire to add more glitz to your design.

Can I use my own fabric?

No. To insure quality, safety and design integrity only Designer Backdrop materials are allowed.

I love the predesigned backdrops in the Fabulous Line. Do I have to use the same colors and accessories?

No, you do not have to use the same colors and accessories. You can customize any aspect of our Fabulous Line by selecting your desired colors and accessories to create your own look. “Be Fabulous” and just do you!

I would like to create a dramatic entryway for my event. Are you able to do that?

Yes! For you… Dahling, we’ll absolutely make it happen!

What happens if I change my mind? Do you offer refunds?

Please see our Terms and Conditions for our company policy.

*All  pre designed backdrop designs by Designer Backdrops by Events Chateau are priced for one focal point panel installation with measurements up to 9 feet tall and up to 10 feet wide. Additional panels may be necessary at an additional cost to achieve the look that you want. Price includes a predesigned selection with all fabric and hardware to reproduce pre designed selection, installation and breakdown at the conclusion of the event for the day, date and time specified in the contract.  All fabric, hardware,equipment and non disposable items and or accessories used in your backdrop design and installation are not for sale and are the property of Designer Backdrops by Events Chateau.

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