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Many moons ago, I made my debut into the world with the name…Elizabeth. It was in a city known for makin’ grocery, Mardi Gras: “Hey Mister Throw me Something!,” and gumbo and pralines. The latter being a delicious New Orleans confectionery that you simply must try!

After having taught school in New Orleans for some years, and then moving to Georgia to teach for a number of years, I now officially call myself a Georgia peach with gumbo roots!

Since ending my teaching career, I’ve been blessed to  have the opportunity to  pursue full time what I love to do: Create! I’ve been trained and credentialed by some of the best in the industry and I love attending annual event conventions and educational training seminars. It’s how I stay inspired and on trend!

In one way or another I’ve been in the creative field for over 10 years catering and planning many successful parties and events. But, I’ve since repositioned myself to become a leader in custom backdrop design and draping. Backdrops are multi-functional and they can be transformational for any wedding or special event.  They can provide a luxurious focal point behind the head table for newlyweds or those who are celebrating their special moment or they can be created for a fun and whimsical look as in a custom photo booth. It's what "you" want!

I liken the creation of my designer backdrops to a true diva who is creating her look. Everything has got to be right and tight from the top to the bottom. Attention to details and accessorizing the look is crucial and makes all the difference! Is it the gold or silver hoop ear rings for the diva or the big gold or silver brooches to finish off the backdrop panel? Adding the final touch to the backdrop is like “you” adding the right handbag or statement neck piece of jewelry that makes “your” whole outfit POP! Ba Ba Ba Bam!!!

Just as you create your look, your style, my backdrops are designed for you and the look, the style you want to convey at your wedding or special event. So, go ahead and “BE FABULOUS! Create a Scene!" with Designer Backdrops made especially for you!

Most Fabulous Regards,

5 Things You didn’t Know About Me

1. I never buy the first or last of anything on the grocery shelf.

2. I love pickles and potato chips (shhh…sometimes I sip the juice).

3. I put hot sauce on almost everything.

4. I Love to wear heels despite my bunions. (oh the hidden tears of pain!!

5. I have a son who graduated from USC Southern California baby!

6. I’m the gumbo and pralines queen. (Boo, I’ve got the hook up! Ba Ba Ba Bam!!)

7. I have an incredibly supportive husband.

8. A total of 5% of your backdrop invoice will be donated to charity.


Did I say 5 things you didn’t know about me? I meant to say 8 things!

For a 5% discount off of your booked and paid backdrop invoice, call/text/email me your favorite “thing about me” from the list above!!!!

Offer expires 30 days from initial contact with Designer Backdrops

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